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Who We Are

We can do Trading &Contracting Co.

Created on 06/02/2011

We can do trading and contracting is one of the leading Qatari companies in its business.


It Has Specialized In The Following Works:

Construction works where we specialize in public constructions.

(general contracting) and the work and design of steel balconies.

General maintenance works for villas

 villas, small and large buildings, decoration works, and aluminum works including windows, doors, and kitchen works.

Rent and Rerent real estates

such as residential villas Popular Houses stores and organizations, open land, and its investment Workers' accommodation and trade

General cleaning

Trade in building materials

Since its inception, the company has been specialized in the work and achievement in a time commensurate with the period speci­fied for the work in terms of speed and reasonable work and dis­tinctive performance.

We can do Trading Contracting Co. always strives to win the trust and reputation of its customers by bringing the most skilled technicians in all fields to offer the best business.

Director General Of The Company

In the journey of life writes the footsteps of those who seek in its orbit. It is the people of the world, including the doctor, engineer, professor, and trader. So God wrote to the paths of glory to be accompanied only by the pace of those with good vision, and the firm determination of the makers of civilization and the pillars of the pillars, The earth and from it to settle life and settle in human shadow.


As the beginnings are always small, as is the planting begins with a seed. We are a company that was for trading and contracting

We can do Trading &Contracting Co. Since its establishment in 2011, we wish to consolidate its position

Over time, the company has become an integral part of the comprehensive urban development that Qatar is witnessing today.


The Board of Directors of the Company announces the blessing of God to launch the identity of our new company, which we launch in conjunction with our move to the company's headquarters in Al-Shafi Al-Rayyan Street, continuing the innovation and development for a better future full of more achievements and innovative real estate solutions and the ability to understand and meet the aspirations of our customers wherever They were on the land of this holy homeland.

In my name and in the name of all the employees of the company lam pleased to review you and a number of the achievements of our company, which is proud today as a direct reason to strengthen our relationship with you at all times, and ask the Lord for the time of success and payment to us and you and all praise from before and after.


To be the preferred strategic partner to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of the community and customers locally.

Tahid SaeecCAC (Meth)

Chairman of Board of Directors

The Message

Based on our humble vision, we offer our customers and our community creative and distinguished services that meet their needs at competitive prices through institutional work and qualified cadres in the framework of balanced strategic partnerships with our full commitment to values and principles. values and principles.

  • Disciplined teamwork.
  • Promoting professional work at the local level
  • Adherence to regulations. policies and institutional procedures.
  • Commitment to self-development and collective competencies
  • Promote the spirit of belonging to the company.
  • Respect for customers.
  • Commitment to credibility and honesty in the work.